Panels and Presentations

Publishing – Traditional vs Self. This panel will present attendees with both approaches to publishing. It will answer questions such as — What should I know before I self-publish my book? How long does the traditional publishing process take? How much will it cost me to self-publish my book?

Panelists: Donna Beserra, Amelia Judd, John LaBella, Mark McLaughlin, Michael Sheehan

The Editing Process. I wrote a book, now what? This panel will discuss the realities of preparing your book to send to publishers or self-publish. What are mistakes first time authors make when writing a book, and how can they fix them?

Panelists: Mary R. Davidsaver, Amelia Judd, Teresa LeBella, Matthew Speak

Creating Buzz for Your Book. What should you do before your book is published? Who might be willing to help promote your book? Partnerships to look for when promoting your book. Using social media to create buzz.

Presenters: Twila Belk and John LaBella

Building Your Brand. It takes more than writing a book to sell a book. Ways to build credibility as an author. How to have a social media presence. Creating an author webpage. Using your day job, background and/or skills to build your credibility as an author.

Presenter: Jodie Toohey

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